Anna Kupriyanov's original course
Ceramic reliefs have become the hallmark of our studio.For 20 years I have been creating reliefs for the facades of houses and interiors'decoration.I can make reliefs up to 3 square meters in a small studio with at least 60 liters kiln.

Technique with the possibility of getting a finished relief in one firing in a small studio has become the most demanded and popular topic for teaching in our ceramics school.

I provide 2 and 3-day face-to-face classes and teach online.

A film was recorded for self-study.

It shows all the stages of work on the relief, usingan example of the panel "Sirin bird", from the first lines on clay to detailing, painting and analysis of the finished work.

It also describes the materials and tools that I use in my work.

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I am Anna, a hereditary ceramist and have been in the profession since 1999.

I know everything about making ceramic reliefs on the facade, in the interior.Dozens of successful commercial and creative projects confirm this.
Since 2009, I have been teaching adult ceramists, professionals and amateurs.
I am sure that online with my help,pieces of advice, support will bring a beautiful results.
Anna Kupriyanov - course author
Now I am looking for a group of students to conduct online training in English and Russian.
Designed for 6 weeks, practical work individually or in a group.

Participants make a relief panel during this time.

They receive theoretical information, recommendations, my comments and advice in the course of work.

Syllabus: :
Sketch is very important
  • Fundamentals of composition, working with a silhouette, character selection
  • Determine the scale and tone
Preparation in ceramics
  • We choose moulding in clay and decoration techniques that are suitable in scale for your panel and drawing.
  • Learning how to make probes so that they help, not confuse.
  • Testing the possibilities of single firing
Working on the relief
  • Clay consistency for different techniques
  • Laws of the plane •
  • Detailing
  • Paintin
Firing and correction after the first firing
  • What to do if it turned out - not as you wanted?
  • How to fix and do another firin
See how students worked online during the summer!
More work and process ТУТ
summer 2022
One of the most important advantages of feedback is analysis. Often it is enough just to "twist" the composition or the nuances of modeling and decoration a little to make the work more expressive. Often we see: something is wrong, but it is not clear how to fix it. Here we analyze many examples, we learnfrom our own and other people's work.

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Our students live in different countries and use different materials. We design the work so that the techniques are universal and suitable for everyone.
It is easier to make large things from сhamotte (grain 0.5 - 2 mm). Medium temperatures are suitable for the interior, for the facade, it is better to do a higher firing in accordance with the temperature corridor of your clay.
minimum: 2 dull/opaque / 2 colored / transparent / colorless 200 ml is enough. It is better to take those that are already familiar to you and are suitable for the firing temperature of your clay.
White and any color - 200 ml is enough
You can prepare engobes yourself by adding pigments to the white base

Copper oxide or dark glaze
100-200 gr is enough
Preferably without additives "for the brush".

Internet and camera
Internet access is required, at least 2 times a week and a camera. Smartphone is acceptable.

Registration in Telegram, there will be a group for reports and discussion of tasks.

Sign up and ask questions:

telegram, whatsapp
+7 (926) 305 57 25

What does our school have for independent study of relief?

I highly recommend the section of the basic course on COMPOSITION. It is written in a simple clear language and greatly simplifies the work on the drawing for the relief and decoration of ceramics.

Of course, it is not necessary to buy these guides to take part in the intensive. They just help and explain the topic in detail.

RELIEF (educational film)


See you online!

Next year, three-day face-to-face intensives in the studio are unlikely to take place.

However, with the help of live chat and zooms, it is possible to study comfortably and successfully!